Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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Will The Next Generation Iphone Be Called Iphone 4s

 According to a Web site message, the next generation iPhone may not be the iPhone 5, but may be named the iPhone 4S; If you really gone this route, it should be in terms of exterior design with the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3GS, so nothing much has changed, while in the inner part, they will use the same series with the iPad 2 Apple A5 dual-core processor, but the photography is not whats heard of the Great Leap Forward features, the legendary eight megapixels, and will not appear with 1080p video, but still is five megapixels with 720p video, good news is that pre-video photography will be with the main camera module, like that time might have a 720p video.
    And although the appearance will look almost exactly the same, but the actual screen size, resolution is not clear; operating systems, WWDC will see the iOS 5 above preview, iOS 5 of the official launch date may not be too fast; OS shipped with the iPhone 4S still iOS 4.x, where the fork is still unclear, but the time will be published in September, when the time is listed along with black and white; As all this is true or not,  we just only wait for other official news!

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