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cell phone jammer will not intercept on the base station

 cell phone jammer will not intercept on the base station.
Visible, smart phones, large screen, large screen products favored by the users. Chinese mobile phone market in June 2011, the smart phone market with different screen sizes attention to the proportion of contrast. Case Study: Apples share of continued expansion. Apples global handset market share continued to expand. According to the U.S. market research firm Gartner statistics show that, since 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone smart phone, smart phone market, the pattern began to change. In 2008, Apple alone an iPhone, the global market share has reached 8.2 percent, while the first quarter of 2011, only three years, alone, four generations of iPhone products, Apples market share has reached 16.8%, to become the worlds first The three operating systems. cell phone jammer will just influence the downlink.
2007-2011Q1 Apple Worldwide sales of mobile phones and smart phone market share trend. Data sources Gartner, data management: ZDC. Apple user attention in the smart phone market in China is climbing. Rattling trend in the global mobile phone market with Apple, the Apple in the smartphone market, but also showed the fierce attacks, especially in cooperation with China Unicom, Apple users attention from record highs. The ZDC monitoring data show that the smart phone market in China in June 2011, Apple accounted for 9.2 percent of the concern proportion, only a difference of 2.6 percent and Motorola. In addition, from Apple released the data, the establishment of the ecosystem and no brand. This is a considerate design for cell phone jammer .
Since 2011, the three operators for 3G mobile terminals, a number of Central Purchasing universal low-priced products has always been an important source of new 3G subscribers, new subscribers expected to reach the end of universal terminal undoubtedly become the focus of the tender object, and an important platform to promote value-added services as operators necessary to support the role of popular intelligent terminal to enhance 3G users overall ARPU value are bound to become the top priority of purchases and sales. Sino Market monitoring data show that in October this year, 3G smart market 700 to 1500 the proportion of the price reached 54.7%, 24.6% increase compared to same period last year, up significantly. The insulation feature of cell phone jammer is very important for the customer.Products, the number of 3G thousands of intelligent machines models increase from 15 in October 2010 to October 2011, 123 models, thousands of intelligent machines has become a new force of the smart phone market. The low-end market into focus. IPhone users and thousands of intelligent machines the user using the data flow to compare, you can find iPhone users monthly data traffic is not significantly higher.

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