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The expert group is making every effort to enhance the design of the Cell Phone Jammers system

The expert group is making every effort to enhance the design of the Cell Phone Jammers system.
The standard test signal I1: is GsM modulated carrier signal, and its structure in accordance with the GSM signal burst (burst, as burst or short burst. Below) structure, but its all modulation bits (including the burst of part of the training sequence) are directly random or pseudo-random data stream. (5) The standard test signal I2: a standard GSM modulation signal, but with the C1 signal is different from the unexpected part of the training sequence of the standard GSM training sequence, but the burst of data bits (including bits 58 and 59) are random or pseudo-random data stream. Using the same standard RF cable and adapters, including adapters, including the requirements of the GSM bands between the channel loss is less than 0.5dB, loss of value of the difference is less than 0.2dB; DCS frequency band between the loss of each channel is less than 1dB, loss value difference is less than 0.3dB, with characteristic impedance adapter should be within 50 ± 5 ohms. The table will contain the result of quantity computation of Cell Phone Jammers .I use the above principles and interface technology to develop a project: Highway display guidance system. Installed on the highway in front of the LED display shows real-time road vehicle traffic situation and weather and climate conditions, advise and guide the driver, the correct driver. The use of the system to some extent, eliminate a lot of traffic hazards, thereby safeguarding the smooth flow of road safety and peoples lives and property. The system consists of the control center and several display screen. Control center in real time the latest information sent to the display. Building control center communication link with the display terminal, the traditional method of laying fiber optic cable with the cable or the realization, or build a private wireless network allowing wireless. Because of the special nature of the highway, the control center and the distance between the display terminal is usually very far, two programs must invest a lot of money and huge construction effort.
Typically, short message service SMS-based wireless data transmission monitoring and control system for a point to multipoint wireless two-way data communication and remote control system, shown in Figure 1. System control center or command center for data, from computer networks, databases, electronic map and GSM communication interface. The main control center complete the information and data transceiver and finishing: on the one hand, to receive various control points to upload information and data, and put them in the appropriate database and distributed to the appropriate monitoring computer in order to achieve the various monitoring points monitoring and management; another aspect, a computer control center monitors the response issued by the various monitoring points of the control information, and to the information issued to the corresponding control points to achieve the point of monitoring equipment for control purposes.

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